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How Can Google Web Include A New Question On Yahoo Answers So Quick?


These days i notice that each time i post a new question on Yahoo answers, I can find my question in approximately five minutes by running a Google web search . How can Google web include a new question on Yahoo answers so quick? What’s the technical secret behind it?

What Is A Large Blog/forum Similar To Yahoo Answers?


I use yahoo answers a lot but sometimes I would rather discuss than Question-Answer things. What is a forum or blog that discusses questions about all kinds of things like yahoo answers does?

How Do I Create My Own Yahoo Answers Blog?


I’ve been looking for a “blog” link for the past half an hour, meantime create MyBlogLog acocunt, but there was nothing too.
How do I do it?
PS: you guys really shuld think about making it easier to access all the yahoo thingies from one profile. After all, it’s all Yahoo, so why not combine all the apps, blogs, answers of one person in it’s persons profile?