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How Do I Add Products To A Web Page From Another Site Quickly?


I want to setup my own web page with product pictures, descriptions, and prices. I will be getting all that information from my suppliers.
Is there a faster way to put all that information on my website rather than adding each product individually?
In other words is there another way to add their products to my page without copying each image, description, and price individually?

How Long Before Twitter Is Just Another Idiotic Meaningless Fad That Fades Away To Nothingness?


It is so mind boggling ridiculous, who the hell cares if I’m picking my nose this very minute or sitting on a coach reading. Just like the Atkins diet and any other thing that gets people rushing out to be a part of , twitter too will fade away to nothingness. I am so glad I’m not like the rest of society idiotic sense of nothingness.

Spiritually Speaking How Can I Transfer An Entire Yahoo 360 Blog To Another Blog In One Piece?


Multiply only copied the pictures and not the actual blog writings.

Any Suggestions On Sites To Start A Blog Where I Can Bs Sports And Another Happenings?


I’m just looking for place to start up a blog with a friend where we talk sports in Chicago as well as other things going on nationwide….just for fun. Any suggestions on sites would be great. Thanks.

How Do You Put A Link On Your Myspace Blog Leading To Another Site?


Umm well I want to put a link on my blog that leads to another myspace site. Ive tried text here but it doesn’t work. Please help!

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How Do I Get My Blog Post To Show On Another Website?


I’m trying to get my blogger blog to show on another website when I update.I have a feedburner but,I don’t know how to use it.I don’t know anything about these things.

How Do I Use Rss To Place A Blog Feed From Another Blog To My Own Blog?


I simply do not understand how to perform this simple task and no matter how many times I read about really simple syndication it doesn’t become any clearer!
A friend of mine put a blog feed for me onto her site, but can’t tell me how to do the same in return. Links are great, but the feed she put up for me was something else.
Can anyone tell me the really really simple way to understand how to do this please?

How Do I Connect Another Twitter To Facebook?


I have two accounts at twitter and I already connected one to facebook. Now I’d like to connect the other one instead. How would I do that?

How Can I Import My Blog To Another Gmail Account?


I have a blog with blogger. I have registered my blog using a gmail account. Now, I want to use a new gmail account and I wanted to import my whole blog along with the posts and comments to this new gmail id.
Please tell me, is this possible and how can it be done?