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So vegetarian


Pig and banks went to the canteen to eat, chat while eating
German steel pot suddenly came to sit the next, played after the greeting, pigs and banks continue to say we love the cold joke
German steel pot suddenly got up and said: “you eat slowly, I finished!”

Banks: “ah, how do you eat each are so fast!?”
Pig: “because, as he is the hormone (speed), who eat it.”
Banks: “orz cold ah”
Pig: “ah yes, the next several days of snow.”
Bank: “o (╯ □ ╰) o”

This working hours can actually be a short-term.


To go to work that day can in fact be a short-term
Opening and closing one computer, one day before, howl ~?
One computer and then opening and closing and the day before, howl ~?
Work on this day the most painful thing is what, you know why?
Is off, and live not finish!
Work on this day the most painful thing is what, you know why?
Is not off, live, a job!
The most the most painful is that did not live to work, after work faster, and to live a

Friday’s 5th bed


Ghost story a bit long, table urgency. Slowly watch

Chen physicians take care of the beds on the 5th, also died.

In the surgical ward, patients die from what is not new, strange beds are on the 5th of the patients condition was improving, according to the total physician estimated that perhaps do not need two days, the patient’s consciousness will wake up. Chen physician immediately for their own negligence they finish the long march of the total physician curse roundly good meal.

Xiao Ming’s death notebook


One day …

Xiao Ming picked up a dead notebook

But the fear of lost


     To write their own name ….

Weight loss of Jerusalem!


Misty rain

University dormitory downstairs

One small boyfriend with a small girlfriend

Road End of other small-boyfriend gone

Small dormitory stairs toward his girlfriend’s weight machine

Buy eggs cold joke


And his wife go to markets to buy eggs.

His wife said: listen to people say that buying vegetables with insect eye is comparatively safer,

Now the egg also has a fake, and do?


Playing mahjong …


Have a hot day of playing mahjong times,

A sudden power outage, and

Had bought a Candle to continue fighting.

After a half-hour

Really can not stand the heat, and

Cold child


Six-year-old niece,

After one day with her mother before her high school places,

Then she said:

“Here is your mother’s place before going to school.”

What is happier than done experimental things?


One passionate chemistry teacher, well aware of a chemist’s heart!

He passionately said: you know for a chemist, the most happy thing is?

Is a test to do!

Students … …

Boss, this is not easy to use?!


Help his wife to buy WSJ, ah.

Results to the store saw a half-day do not know what to buy,

Thus, just ask the shop owner took one packet: “Boss, this is not useful?”