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2011-06-16 at 09:15 pm hugege
Empowering Voters Between Elections

Votizen provides an authenticated platform that directly connects registered voters and elected officials through social networks, making civic engagement simpler and more meaningful. By verifying that each voice belongs to a real voter in the real world, Votizen legitimizes social media in politics and increases the influence of voting citizens in guiding the day-to-day decisions of our elected officials.

Our voter-focused tools led to the first bill driven into the US Senate by social media alone — no campaign contributions, no professional lobbyists and no public protests. We provide a way for voters to be heard and get results without going to extremes.

When you join, we find all your officials, and deliver your letters to them both electronically and via in-office delivery in the U.S. Capitol.
Unlock a channel to Congress reserved for registered voters.

Your standing as a registered voter allows us to deliver your opinions to your officials above the noise of unfiltered social media, emails, and letters.
Join the first social lobbying platform in American history.

Your social networks are powerful. Connecting them to Votizen turns them into real-world influence— so a stay at home Mom can be more important than a K-street lobbyist.

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