No-IP Plus – the complete managed DNS solution

2011-05-02 at 02:49 am hugege

DNS is at the core of every Internet transaction, so it is important that DNS always works. No matter if you have a dynamic or static IP No-IP Plus Managed DNS insures that people reach your site 100% of the time.

* Easy to use interface
* Includes 50 hosts / subdomains
* Complete control over your domain
* Industry leading phone and email support
* Free Dynamic DNS update client
* and Much More …

Add No-IP™ Plus Managed DNS
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DNS is involved in every internet transaction so it’s importance should be taken seriously and we DO! Most DNS providers only provide two nameservers, many times on the same network segment. A small DNS outage can wipe your site off the face of the earth. This is why No-IP deploys multiple nameservers anycasted across the globe, all on distinct networks to insure our 100% uptime history.
What about Dynamic DNS?

Dynamic DNS is a unique service that most DNS providers do not offer. Dynamic DNS makes it possible to run a server on a dynamic IP address while saving hundreds of dollars a year on a static ip address or web hosting fees. Our dynamic update client is the most downloaded DNS client in the world.

Even if you do not have a dynamic address you can benefit from the advantages of Plus Managed DNS. No more waiting 24-72 hours for simple DNS modifications. All updates are propagated worldwide in under 1 minute!!
The Interface

Our web interface makes the daunting task of managing your domain a breeze. Once you’ve added the No-IP Plus service you’ll be online in a snap.

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