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It’s all about the features

If our customers could design their ultimate email marketing feature set, what would it look like?
It would look just like this.

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At iContact, we always ask ourselves,
“If our customers could design their ultimate email marketing feature set, what would it look like?”

We handpick and develop each and every feature with our customers in mind, so we can proudly answer, “It would look just like this.”

And as our customers would wish, all of these direct email marketing features – standard or advanced – are included in our low-priced product, free of charge.

Some of our most popular features include:
Grow and Manage Your Contacts

Create lists, add contacts and divide lists into segments all within minutes. You can even create custom fields for mail-merge personalization and generate a sign-up form to place on your website. iContact provides all the direct email marketing tools you need, whether your list is 100 contacts, 100,000 contacts or more. Click here to learn more
Create Your Message

Our message creation tools provide you with an easy-to-use editor, the flexibility to choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates from our library, image hosting and SpamCheck™ assistance. We even provide survey functionality included with your account, so you can learn more about your customers the easy way: by asking them. Click here to learn more
Send Your Emails

A third-party company, Pivotal Veracity, scores our email deliverability rates over 99%. Any contact who has unsubscribed or has an invalid email address will automatically be removed from receiving your message. In addition, our Schedule-Delivery option allows you to work when you want, and send when you want. Click here to learn more
Track Your Emails

These reports allow you to see opens, clicks, bounces, successful deliveries, unsubscribes and message forwards for each of your emails. Using this data, you can track the performance of your direct email marketing efforts. We provide you with reports to compare the results from different emails, view your sending history in detail and get results from surveys you’ve sent. Click here to learn more
Integrations and 3rd Party Apps

Harness the power of iContact in the applications you use for your business. Whether you are an iContact user or a developer, we offer the tools and plug-ins you need to take advantage of our software.

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  1. Contact Plus adds managed services and advanced solutions to i Contact’s email marketing platform – via dedicated account management, customized solutions.

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