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2011-01-29 at 12:06 am hugege

What is Pip.io?
A Conversation Network
Pip.io is a real-time conversation network that gives you access to the latest and most interesting conversations happening around the world. Pip.io is a great way to consolidate all of your social web experiences without the usual fragmentation of conversations.
As a messaging platform, everything revolves around posts. A post can be as long as you need, can have multiple rich media attachments, and can be pushed out to multiple social networks. But it doesn’t stop there. We also pull back all of the feedback you have gotten from those individual ecosystems and organize them under the original post. Now you have the full and complete conversation. And with the ability to tag posts to a specific location, Pip.io is a new and unique way to organize and enjoy the unique conversations happening around the world in real-time!
You can start using Pip.io right away!
You don’t need to have contacts right off the bat for Pip.io to be useful. We have fully functional third party applications such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Buzz, and FriendFeed. We don’t want you to stop enjoying these great services, we simply want you to experience them inside Pip.io! Some upcoming applications include a Gmail app, a Photo browsing app, and a chat app!
Pip.io for Power Users
Do you use multiple social networks? Having a hard time keeping track of all of the conversations you’ve created? With Pip.io, you can post out to multiple networks and we’ll make sure to harvest all of the replies from those networks into the original post for easy organization. By default, these replies are also viewable to others so sharing your Pip.io stream will give your audience a much fuller conversation to participate with!
Pip.io around the world
Pip.io is used by many people around the world. We aim to try and create a new standard in web-based global communication. You can easily see the posts made within a specific geographic location and you can also “subscribe” to a location to get notified when there are new posts being made in that location. To make it easy to communicate with everyone in the world, we have a “translate” feature on every post to translate the post to your native language!
Pip.io and its Future
We envision Pip.io to be a Social Operating System. The traditional definition of an operating system was a software layer that connected third party developers with hardware resources. What we do is connect third party developers with social resources. We know that everything and anything on the web can be better when more “social” implementations are added and we look forward to showing people how much better your web experience can be when it is within Pip.io! We have a lot of big updates and features pushes coming up so stay tuned!

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