Train crew how to care for the body

2011-01-15 at 09:40 am hugege

1. Must be reasonable enough sleep!
2. Breakfast is good, clever dinner (day activities of the energy, to * Breakfast available.
Nutritionists recommend to eat breakfast, rich in protein, such as fruit, bread and milk.
At the breakfast, soup or vegetable juice energy drink can replenish their strength, but can not be sustained, and physical energy quickly exhausted. Should be supplemented with protein, like beans or whole wheat bread and other staples, the body can provide sufficient energy.
Dinner can increase the amount of fruits and vegetables, cooking try not fried, fried, grilled class use foil packets or steamed, stewed, boiled can be.
White meat, sliced cold chicken, soy sauce is naturally sweet taste with the chopped onion, lemon, or fragrant orange drop point, not only the taste of salt can also adjust the weight.
Experts recommend at least two a day can be the best intake of fruits and vegetables, half a catty. Or set the week day as a “light and healthy”, the day eat a light diet of vegetables and fruits. Because fats and oils consumed more energy, easy to increase the body burden. )
3. Drink plenty of water (at least a day to drink 2000c.c.’s Water, to supplement the body needs.
People often feel thirsty, you can feel with roasted seed, white chrysanthemum and wolfberry tea to drink when soaked in a 1:1 manner, can be refreshing eyesight, or malt, dates, licorice can also be soaked in water as tea. The best bubble tea health day, day of drinking, so medicines can not be achieved due to oxidation effects.
Nutritionists recommend a skin fragrant with lemon grass tea, you can recover from fatigue, to maintain vitality. Chamomile tea also has to appease nervous effect. )
4. Shower, massage, medicinal properties (shower bath more than fatigue. Because of the impact of the water column, there is push play effects, can promote blood circulation. General herb bath, is the use of herbs promoting blood circulation, through the skin after a bath be absorbed in order to achieve the desired effect. But bath time should not exceed 20 minutes.
Massage for the removal of fatigue, muscular tension, the effect is good. Male office workers go to work tired, you can use mint, essential balm and other essential oils, slowly massage the neck, stimulating effect.
Study found that some monotonous, repetitive, emotional voice also allows peace of mind. Next time when bored, may wish to try a number of weather reports, stock quotes, etc. to restore mood. )

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