Regular drinkers how to maintain the body

2011-01-15 at 09:50 am hugege

1) Ordinary people in the wine market are generally acidic majority, the phrase “acidic body is the source of sickness”, so pay attention to acid-base balance of the diet, eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, mushrooms, seaweed, tea, beans and soy products and other basic foods to neutralize the excess acidic substances in the body. Only into the acidic food (meat, poultry, eggs, fish and shrimp, rice, flour) and adult basic foods (vegetables, fruits, milk, tea, algae, almond) with a good ratio of 1:4, ie one meat, four vegetables, only to acid-base balance.

2) preferably less alcohol, drink low-alcohol wine, accompanied by alkaline juice or green juice.

3) drink the next day, the best one-day bowel meal, every time I drink a cup of barley will be the next morning if Ye juice, eat more thoroughly the day before the toxins get excreted as soon as possible, tune into gastrointestinal function to the best condition. Many friends are doing nutrition recommend this method, you can recommend your boyfriend to try

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