Male menopause how to care for the body

2011-01-15 at 09:52 am hugege

Health of our traditional thinking

1, remember: sleep is the first element of health. Sleep time should be 21:00 ~ 3:00. Because this time is a day of winter, winter, the main reservoir, do not hide in winter, spring and summer is not long, that is, not the spirit of the first 2 days.

2 for all drugs on the treatment are temporary, not the root of the problem, whether Chinese or Western medicine. Because all of the disease are wrong because a wrong result. Incorrect result is not removed, the fruit will not be absolutely wrong root. The fundamental health in mind. all law students from the heart. mind the net net is the body. So I got sick, do not seek out, on your own self-repair system to repair itself of the disease. In fact, the same as humans and animals, animal disease are on their own, people can too.

3, the correct concept than expensive drugs and dangerous surgery to help patients better to eliminate disease. With the right idea, you will have the right decision, you will have the correct behavior, you can prevent many diseases.

4 people have all the wisdom, and certainly not learned from books, but from their own true heart, clean heart (heart is Buddhist Bodhi said), high school students set out from.

5 people are all living in the most perfect spiritual body structure, a healthy body is born with complete virtue; regulation of the health status of people rely on the regulation of the human body itself has to complete the repair system, rather than external factors, external factors can play a supporting role.

6 most of the sick phenomenon in the regulation of the body, cleaning up garbage when the performance of physical phenomena, the body automatically adjust the balance shown by the state, we should treat them as a normal physiological phenomenon and should not be cause to regard it as to destroy. So when people get sick, be sure not to have resentments Chen Huixin, and my heart to be stable, given the gas along the heart, the blood gas Shun Cheong, Qi Shun Cheong is riddled with consumption of blood.

7 health of two major elements: 1) adequate blood; 2) the meridian flow (including blood and excretion of waste channel.)

8 adequate blood by: enough food + bile + necessary period of time (after dark night ~ Midnight 1:40) quality of sleep (the brain does not work at this time, led by the autonomic nervous) + good living habits.

9 meridian flow needs: clean heart. All emotions are pure heart damage, undermining the normal operation of the meridian.

10, need not only to maintain a healthy body “income (an increase of blood),” need “savings (reduced blood loss).”

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