I am engaged in coal mine work, the environment moist. May I ask how to care for the body.

2011-01-15 at 09:31 am hugege

Underground work not seen the sun, the air is relatively stagnant. Therefore, more time off to take advantage of the outdoor activities to complement the human body needs light; also can choose a suitable time and place of sunbathing. The sun is best not to be particularly strong at noon, the time should not be too long, to prevent ultraviolet burns, but also wearing sunglasses protect the eyes. Unfortunately, a lot of ground, air pollution, mining is also very serious, rarely seen clear skies, the air quality is no better than mine where to go, well, they’re helpless ~
In such a harsh working environment, regardless of the body more strong, no matter how high salaries and pay attention to care of the body, do not let exhaustion. Can not work overtime, the more rest, do not force yourself. Normal diet should pay attention to nutrition, less drinking, less smoking (mine is also dangerous), tobacco and alcohol this will damage the health, not to mention the environment we work hard, high strength, but also to pay attention to restraint of their own hobby.
Attention to production safety, take care your body – for ourselves, family.

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