Forties, men how to care for the body

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Proper diet, limit alcohol quit smoking, adequate exercise, mental balance, the law of life.
Eat a good staple food of more patients with diabetes
Many diabetic patients that had diabetes, is to “eat less, more bite.” Often hear patients say, “I only eat vegetables, eat the staple food”, and some said, “I now eat very little, as much as a bite,” and so on.
In fact, that the “staple food to eat as little as possible with diabetes,” This view is not only wrong, but also bring adverse consequences.
A large number of clinical practice that limits the amount of the staple food of diabetes is too low, will affect the control of the disease. Often in patients the doctor said, I am not eating why the blood sugar is higher? This is because the people in the starvation, the body’s secretion of glucagon, causing low blood sugar reactions to high blood sugar. This is why did not eat but are still reasons for the high blood sugar.
Inseparable from the human body all the time blood glucose (blood glucose). Food, particularly staple foods into the body, after digestion into glucose by the body absorbed into the bloodstream, then transported by blood to various organs, provide energy for the body. If you eat carbohydrates (staple food) is too small, lack of energy sources, the body is bound to use fat and protein to provide energy. Lipolysis produces ketone bodies, easily lead to ketoacidosis. Protein degradation in vivo, the course of time will result in weight loss, fatigue, low resistance, easily a variety of secondary infections.
Thus, for diabetic patients, not the staple food to eat better, but the situation and activities according to their own strength, moderate consumption of staple food.
Thickness of the grain mix is conducive to diabetes control
Thickness of grain mix is the staple food of choice for patients with diabetes. Nutritionists recommend, diabetic patients can be coarse grains, cereals and legumes as a staple part of the complex. Research shows that consumption of coarse grains and miscellaneous beans generally lower than the postprandial blood glucose after eating rice and pasta. Such as oats, buckwheat, barley, black rice, red bean and lentils can significantly alleviate the postprandial hyperglycemia, reduced glucose fluctuations, which will help blood sugar control.
From the prevention point of view, should be eat coarse grains. Eat whole grains, from the entrance to the digestion and absorption takes two hours; eat finishing the food, to absorb less than half an hour; if directly eat sugar, honey and other food, 5 minutes to absorb. Food digestion and absorption of too quickly, can cause the pancreas can not secrete enough insulin in a timely manner, if the pancreas can not afford to overload the “work” and, eventually, high blood sugar will eventually develop diabetes.

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