the oil workers how to maintain the body

2011-01-13 at 03:44 am hugege

First, the gas stations in the main components of the oil fuel, so to understand the harm of gasoline.

Gasoline is mainly used for the power means of transport fuel. Rubber, paint, dye, printing, pharmaceuticals, adhesives and other industrial use gasoline as a solvent. Washing machine parts and clothing decontamination and electroplating products do to pre-oil with gasoline.

The origin and production methods, composition and toxicity of gasoline varies. Gasoline has a strong volatile and soluble in fat. In a production environment mainly in the form of vapor inhalation through the respiratory tract, through the blood circulation to the brain, causing anesthetic effects. And central nervous system and peripheral nerves produce toxic effect on bone marrow hematopoietic function also have adverse effects. The role of bone marrow may be mixed with gasoline in the material caused by benzene.

Mild symptoms of acute poisoning in the performance of anesthesia, in a trance, ataxia, accompanied by dizziness, nausea, vomiting, conjunctival congestion, coughing, etc.; severe as the inhalation of high concentrations of gasoline, may soon coma, convulsions, muscle cramps , mydriasis, slow or light reflex disappeared. Some patients may have neck stiffness, rapid breathing, blood pressure fluctuations, cyanotic lips. Check the enlargement of the liver, liver disorder, severe cases can leave epilepsy, optic neuritis, multiple neuritis and other sequelae.

In special cases, such as driver of the car port fuel oil suction pipe mistakenly inhaled, can cause bronchitis, chemical pneumonia and pulmonary edema, the clinical manifestations were fever, severe coughing, chest tightness, bloody sputum, respiratory frequency and promote the superficial, cyanotic lips. Examination showed leukocytosis.

Chronic poisoning mainly for gasoline central and autonomic dysfunction, dizziness, headache, insomnia, nightmares, fatigue, memory loss and other neurasthenic syndrome, muscle weakness, tremors, numbness, blood pressure fluctuated, excitable, moody , excitation and inhibition appear without regularity, and some hysteria-like symptoms may appear.

Skin contact with gasoline can be dry, chapped, there keratotic dermatitis. Gas-sensitive women, in addition to the above neurological symptoms, but also menstrual abnormalities, cycle disorders.

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