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2011-01-13 at 03:48 am hugege

When choosing skin care products, one is based on their skin, the other is based on the change of seasons. Many brands of many products are very good, but not really for you. Is best suited to their own. And how to choose their own skin care products, the key is that they have to understand their own, and we understand his surroundings, of course, including seasonal changes. Meanwhile, also according to: “cleansing, skin tone, skin,” the order to do that “cleansing products, conditioning water, lotion or cream category,” plus sunscreen products, or a direct or milk SPF lotion cream and so on.
Let us talk about cleansing, no matter what is the nature of the skin, some have chosen weak acid, if the choice is alkaline sensitive skin, dry skin, choose basic, are not very good, but can not be used for oily skin alkaline cleansing products too much, it is very easy to destroy the balance of skin damage to the secretion of the sebaceous glands, can lead to more oil in the summer, and the phenomenon of the skin more dry.
In the summer, skin oils may be the case more than the other three seasons, so oily skin contamination have occurred, which requires us to weak acid-based products specifically deep clean the skin. If you can not find a weak acid it is deep cleaning products, then as a weak alkaline cleaning, be sure to use toner, and sensitive skin moisturizer or Skin water when not rub with a cotton pad directly gently pat.
Oil, mixed partial oil, sensitive, in the dry, mixed dry skin, when in the summer, do not forget to add water. Choose to pay based products, such as Lange (deep water systems-oriented), Xi Hai Lan, H20 and other moisturizing skin care line is a good thing, but also more suitable for young people. At this stage, pay more than the critical moisture. For example, the first replenishment of skin sensitivity, and enhance the skin’s resistance, so the situation can reduce inflammation of the skin, while calming the skin. Yang Gan, like orange cream, witch hazel extract, aloe vera, allantoin extracts are very good against the sensitive stuff. Choose kind of products should be good, like the Department of the United States House, Margaret Lina flower water series are good, help control oil pay, with help allergy pay, and roses in the water is dry for and mixed-dry skin.
In short, we must to pay as a prerequisite, and this is the important issue of recovery of skin conditions.
The age bias longer friends, like 30 to 40 year-old woman, in addition to considering to add moisture, but also to consider is moisture. Gradually with age because of large skin metabolism update cycle will extend, but since the ability of collagen synthesis as a young man starting slowly, so the pay can be used as a “media” and then let nutrients through this ” media “into the skin to repair effect. Repair genes such as Cheng Ming Ming, LANCOME, L’Oreal and other brands also have targeted products.
There is also the problem related to white, I say in it together.
For the choice of whitening products, are not suitable for all skin whitening products. As the sensitivity of the skin, the choice of whitening products, the issue must be careful, because some whitening products can cause sensitivity, such as lemon.
The whitening product, and now some will be divided into use for oily skin and suitable for dry skin whitening products, select the time must be spotted. After whitening products or select, according to the nature of their skin, and then select some particularity, such as dry skin in the pay increase to the appropriate spray or replenishment essence; oily skin, choose oil-free whitening products.
The problem of skin problems best solved first, and then select the whitening category, such as sensitivity, acne of the skin, we must first solve these problems, according to dietary habits, living habits, the improper use of products, etc., start, choose a professional acne series should be good. Such as oil control nursing VICHY out of a series, is out of the oil for acne skin, should be very fit. Yang Chu and elegant sun protection series, sensitive and very suitable to whiten skin.

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