Men should pay attention to what aspect of body maintenance

2011-01-13 at 03:50 am hugege

1 First, smoking: long-term heavy smoking, enabling lower oxygen content in the blood, vitamin A, B, C, E and other activity decreased by a large number of consumption, eating less, indigestion, lack of nutrition, and incidence of sleep disorders , blood sugar, thus contributing to premature aging, impotence. According to a Beijing hospital in a male sexual dysfunction treatment center’s chief experts, as a result, social and other factors, the modern male friends almost every day to smoke two packs or more than two packets of cigarettes. Over time, the couple found that satisfaction with sex life as they used to affect the husband and wife.

2 for gout, a disease can not be ignored, gout is a very stubborn metabolic diseases, modern medicine that it is caused by the purine metabolic disorders. Its clinical features are: hyperuricemia, gout, recurrent acute arthritis, tophi deposition, gout, chronic arthritis and joint deformities, diseases for a long time can affect kidneys, with renal failure, may be associated with atherosclerosis, the crown heart disease, cerebrovascular accidents and so on.

3, the high incidence of male foreskin is too long, we say that male reproductive health and the threat of the high incidence of the disease than erectile dysfunction (ED), ejaculation disorders, the prepuce, phimosis is another common disease-prone, averaging 5 men in the case of phimosis, 20 men each have a patient suffering from phimosis. Will affect the future quality of life, no more explanation, we must take surgical treatment.

4 sleep problems, both men and women should pay attention, fatigue, physical strength and energy need to restore the body’s normal response, and also people with an automatic control signals and warnings. If you do not follow the warning to take immediate measures, then the body will overwork, diseases ridden. So, when middle-aged people feel a whole body fatigue, muscle aches, dizziness, mental retardation, lack of energy, heart palpitations, heart rate, breathing accelerated and other symptoms, would not have “hard boil” down. Immediate attention to work and rest, should not stay up late, do not campaign work; ideas to relax, to ban a broad chest, to feel comfortable, do not worry because of some trivial, not too much thought to personal gains and losses, health-care measures should be taken as soon as possible, elimination of physical and mental fatigue.

5, pressure, pressures in this issue, there are many manifestations of psychological symptoms: emotional ups and downs, depression, anxiety, lack of motivation, and insomnia. Overall symptoms: increased body fat, decreased muscle mass and strength, height decrease (caused by osteoporosis) and loss of vitality. Sexual and urinary symptoms: reduced libido, erection hardness decreased, impotence and urination problems (with benign prostatic hyperplasia related). Recommends that healthy living, quit smoking wine, a small amount of alcohol and appropriate, and more exercise, more to the outside world and the natural contact, find a better life. Do not care too much about everything, anger and resentment are a little less happy to find something more contacts.

In general, the people, both men and women are the same token, a good attitude adjustment, the pressure to resolve, healthy living, to ensure that sleep can prevent many diseases, limited to cherish human life value, which is also in charge of your own people around a sense of responsibility.

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