Lack of sleep, the body how to maintain it

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These are lack of sleep, energy food supplement:

Millet: In all the grains, millet, the most abundant tryptophan. In addition, millet contains large amounts of starch, food and clothing after eating a sense of easy to produce, can stimulate insulin secretion, increase the number of tryptophan into the brain.

Walnut: Clinically, walnut been shown to improve sleep quality, so often used to treat neurasthenia, insomnia, memory, dreams and other symptoms. Specific way of eating is accompanied by black sesame, mash, 15 grams at bedtime, the effect is obvious.

Sunflower seeds: sunflower seeds with a variety of amino acids and vitamins, can regulate the metabolism, improve brain cell inhibitory function, play a sedative effect. After dinner, nibbling some of sunflower seeds, but also promote the secretion of digestive juice is conducive to digestion of stagnation, to help sleep.

Milk: Milk contains two hypnotic substances: one is tryptophan, brain cells can promote the secretion of neurotransmitters in the sleepy people — serotonin; other physiological functions is to regulate the pain the role of the body feel comfortable and is conducive to relieve fatigue and sleep. For the physically weak people who caused neurasthenia, more obvious hypnotic effect of milk.

Jujube, honey, vinegar, and whole wheat bread also help sleep food: jujube rich in protein, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other nutrients, there is Spleen sedative effect. After dinner drink with jujube soup, can speed up the time to fall asleep.

Honey with deficiency, An internal organs, the effectiveness of co-century medicine, in order to sleep well, drink a glass of honey water before going to sleep can play a role.

Vinegar contains many amino acids and organic acids, the role of fatigue is very obvious, but also can help sleep.

Whole-wheat bread is rich in vitamin B, it has to maintain nervous system health, elimination of irritability, and promote the role of sleep.

2 bananas, pineapple 1 / 4, 1 apple, honey appropriate
1, banana, pineapple, peeled, peeled apple to the core, cut into medium size blocks, the pineapple pieces into salt water to soak for a while.
2, the three together into the juice machine fruit juice, seasoning with honey.
Bananas have a special amino acid calling, can reduce psychological stress, relieve fatigue, dinner or bedtime bananas, can calm nerves, help you to sleep.

Good eating habits can sleep well: when to eat dinner, how much to eat is an important factor of sleep. If a person want to go to bed at 10 o’clock at night, three meals a day is best for the 4:4:2 ratio, such activities can ensure the supply of energy, but also in the gastrointestinal rest to sleep. Overall, the dinner should not be fed, to sleep most favorable.

The best arrangements dinner about 4 hours before bedtime. Emissions will stay to eat and sleep and affect sleep. Neurasthenia single people should eat dinner taste the food, not flavors mixed with food; hot and cold food should be uniform. Develop good eating habits, and help sleep.

Diet can not be a lack of basic foods such as fresh vegetables (cabbage, cauliflower, celery, lettuce, radish, cabbage) and fruit, bacteria and algae, milk, etc. in the body of the “fatigue factor” – lactic acid, to alleviate fatigue.

Calcium is a natural stress reliever. Calcium deficiency, they are often exhausted, exhausted, nervous and fatigue arising from the work can not be mitigated. In the intake of milk and yogurt and other calcium-rich foods at the same time, do not forget to add magnesium, “does not make calcium magnesium, eating to regret it!” Fresh wheat germ, buckwheat, walnuts, almonds, red wine, banana, seaweed, raw honey and soy and other foods rich in magnesium.

Add meat, bean sprouts, beans, asparagus, pears, peaches and other foods rich in aspartic acid, in order to promote metabolism, removal of lactic acid, reduce fatigue, promote physical recovery

Vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and other B vitamins to relieve pressure on the natural antidote to nerve nutrition, nutrients essential for the elimination of fatigue, adequate supplementation on chronic fatigue syndrome are especially useful.

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