How to maintain the body’s skin

2011-01-13 at 03:47 am hugege

Different skin care natural There are different ways, but in such a communication as well as summer, spring and summer, when all skin types and characteristics, but has close ties.
For example, oily skin, if improper care in the summer will not only lead to acne, blackheads, but also because of lack of water has become sensitive. You see, in this sentence, there has been three different types of skin characteristics.
While the dry skin if care properly, can cause sunburn, skin dehydration, fat granule, sensitive and so on.
The combination of the skin, most likely to mix sensitive and acne plus a mixed partial oil-sensitive, so that multiple problems.
The sensitivity of the skin if care properly, will become sensitive to oily, oily water sensitive, and acne sensitive skin and so on.

When the weather is gradually warming, UV radiation intensity will gradually become stronger, while the UV will oxidize slowly to skin cell to stimulate skin cells, so that dehydration, inflammation.
Oily skin will become more oil, pale yellow, due to UV stimulation, the secretion of sebaceous glands and sweat gland disorders occur phenomenon, caused by lack of water, and oil and peeling, and simultaneously the characteristics of oily sensitive skin: oily skin or mixed the skin appears red blood cheeks, red when exposed to heat and other phenomena.
The sensitivity of the skin is not timely to prevent ultraviolet damage to the skin, the skin is more sensitive, because of their own on the thin cuticle, epidermal cells easier to inflammation, water, sweat and sebaceous gland secretion disorders, etc. happen. So it is not difficult to see some of my friends wonder child: Why would the oil sensitive skin acne oily also why.
In the dry mixture of dry skin and skin from UV damage if the most crucial point is the face of the spot, and the performance of water or that there is the phenomenon of fat granule. The phenomenon of fat granule, it is because we feel that the skin is very dry, while the replenishment of the work was not done to directly use the moisture-based products. Keratinization of the skin pores of a why.
Therefore, the correct selection and use of sunscreen is also important, such as selecting the same time anti-UVA, UVB products, such as SPF sun damage and anti-PA anti-tanning these must clear.
After the dry to supply water-based sunscreen, sensitive skin can also use sunscreen, but if it is oily-sensitive, it is necessary to use sunscreen lotion or sun allergy spray, like VICHY, Ya Yang are good. Related articles on sunscreen as previously written, a little here.
Replenishment and moisture:
No matter what kind of skin you’re in the summer, do not forget to first pay, then moisturizing. Because the weather was very hot in summer, it is easy to skin oils, while the evaporation rate of water is also the face of other season in the 1 to 2 times.
Oil out of the skin, such as the mixed partial oil, sensitive, oily skin, these types of skin out of the oil situation, the storage capacity of the skin is directly related to the case. Sebaceous glands and sweat glands in the skin like two good brothers. We want to help the two brothers split the world. If, sebaceous glands secrete more oil, regardless of the reasons is because the ultraviolet rays, internal reasons, or other reasons, do not blindly oil control, we must first help the skin replenishment. Only added to the water, can help to slow down the oil situation, and also to help the real oil control.
Therefore, from another point of view, we can easily find out why are some of the care products for oily, always stressed with: pay with moisture topic. The oily conditioning as VICHY moisturizing cream, Nivea Oil Control moisturizing cream and so on.
And as combination skin and dry skin and sensitive skin, in the summer, add water and oil-free moisturizer is not less than winter, and even still more attention. Because in here, like dry skin, and mixed dry skin, but also with the winter “Water and moisture” has a completely different distinction.
In the summer, where high temperatures, dry skin and mixed in the dry skin, lack of water more easily than in winter because the temperature of the reasons for the causes and UV. And such of the skin, such as mixing and sensitive skin, they often water scarcity, while UV stimulation, the skin’s sebaceous glands secrete more oil, but instead are mixed partial oil +-sensitive, sensitive or oily water + .
So, in the summer, no matter what kind of skin you are, do not forget, at any time replenishment. Replenishment is simple, some portable spray, spray 10 seconds, gently with a tissue show clean. Or do pay mask, but the sensitivity of the skin should not use the mask, see if you are in the shape of the market there are many such mask.
Dry skin in addition to the recall in the summer pay, but also recommend the use of non-oily moisturizing products, such as containing mucopolysaccharide, allantoin (also applies to sensitive skin), witch hazel, collagen, and so long-lasting moisture class sub, very few of these ingredients cause skin irritation, while moisturizing to help skin aging and efforts to enhance the same time can help enhance the storage capacity of the skin. Of course the premise is to pay, and then moisturizing.

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