How maintenance of the body have kidney stones

2011-01-13 at 03:45 am hugege

Kidney stones, “occurs in the calyx, renal pelvis and the renal pelvis and ureteropelvic junction stones. More common in adult men. Clinical manifestations of radiation to a small waist, or even abdominal colic, and hematuria may occur when urinary tract infection secondary to mucosal injury symptoms of urinary tract infection can occur.

Care points

◆ to drink more water to dilute the urine of patients, so that stones easily eliminated. Every day when not less than 3000 ml of water.

◆ diet taboos. According to different types of stones and urine acidity decision diet range. Phosphate stone patients under normal circumstances is appropriate to acidic foods; urate stones in patients with low-purine foods appropriate; oxalate stone patients should eat foods with acid.

◆ Paishi observed phenomena, such as colic site down, indicating that the stone down, the pain suddenly disappeared, probably into the bladder stones, then the patient should strive to urinate, so stone discharge.

◆ To increase the discharge of stones on water intake, such as the sudden appearance of palpitation, chest tightness, thin pulse and other symptoms, should be noted that while the result may be due to a large number of drinking an excessive burden on the heart, should be immediately sent to hospital for treatment

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