Acidic food

2011-01-13 at 03:49 am hugege

The so-called acidic foods does not mean it tastes, like vinegar, yogurt, etc. Although the taste of vinegar, but they are very good basic food. The human body is in alkaline state is necessary, not acidic. So to eat some basic food.
The acidic foods to eat more, not only will the body to produce more free radicals, but also to speed up the rate of oxidation of the body, the body skin, uneven skin tone, there spot, pox, etc., even for long so make the body sick.
Some sweets, carbonated drinks, ice-sucker, red meat, salty foods, etc., are acidic. Especially sweets, contains within it a very special enzyme mediated material, sand, I often jokingly called “rotten enzymes.” We must have heard of “coenzyme” it, it is a good medium, and sweets which I call a “enzymes” to “rot enzyme” because it is not a good thing for the skin will speed up the oxidation, the facial sebaceous glands secrete more oil, increase the T zone out of fuel, but will also vitamins B group metabolism slows down. Metabolism slows down the B group of the most direct manifestation of that long spot or acne, or other body such as the case such as the gastrointestinal problems.
This is mainly that it’s bad for the skin points: the skin to produce more free radicals increased oxidation; cause the occurrence of spots or acne; uneven skin color; aggravating large pores of oil and so on.
The solution to this problem for the most critical point is that the body is in alkaline state. Usually have to eat foods rich in vitamins A, C, E food, help the body against oxidation. Very good vegetables and fruits are also good, but be sure to choose the kind of little sweet.
Eat more fiber and more food, but the summer to eat, “celery, radish, parsley,” These will be sensitive to food, so as not to spot the situation worse. However, like eating tomatoes can be cooked, such as tomato egg soup to do good, I am also very fond of sand to drink. But do not let tomatoes and cucumbers to eat in one meal.
Now about the food, and that the oil can be avoided if there are any food? ~ For example, as of course vitamin A-rich foods. VITA is the body mucosa of the military command to help regulate the body ~ balance of water and oil, so be sure to eat from time to time, such as fried carrots, green peppers, yellow peppers and so rich in it ~ and like bitter gourd is a very interesting salad vegetables Oh ~ While eating hard, but you can put some proper seasoning, adjust what, this is a good blood acne the dishes yet. There are cherry, it is the king of body detoxification, eating cherries is beneficial for weight loss and beauty, but also can reduce the probability of oil, etc. ~ ~ ~

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