22-year-old girl in poor health, how to maintain the body

2011-01-13 at 03:58 am hugege

Maintenance (woman) body. The best and most economical results also

One. Enough sleep. Sleep for a woman’s body and skin is essential. As important as the air. This is the premise.

II. Plenty of water. Drink ah. Be sure to drink plenty of water. Drinking high mineral content. Or boil tap water will do. Do not drink purified water and distilled water.

III. The sun. Oh appropriate sun is necessary. No matter what season. Only a short time but also to the summer in the morning or early morning. Winter much better. This will add trace elements the body needs. Helpful to women’s health !

IV. A good mood. Beauty is from the inside out .. scientists have come up with a conclusion. People feel good. Emotional impact of good will impose even the temperament of the external appearance. People will become pretty good mood. So your side people will affects your mood. will be more like you. your mood will be better. so a virtuous circle. why not do –

Five. More attention to good health. Such as eating fruits and vegetables. Eat spicy greasy. Exercise more. Attention to exercise. Regular bowel movements. More contact with nature. And rest. Not eclipse not picky eaters do not diet. A comprehensive and balanced eating. The time pattern of lifestyle

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