Six winter skin care

2011-01-09 at 08:06 am hugege

1, keeping the skin moist, Science bath

Avoid bathing in winter there are four: avoid too frequently, avoid the water too hot, avoid rubbing too heavy, avoid alkaline soap is too strong, otherwise, can easily damage the skin surface had much sebum, the skin is more dry, and thus more fat itching, chapped. Baths 1-2 times per week is appropriate. Rub some licorice after bath oil, anti-itching cream, skin ointment, to keep the skin moist and prevent the skin surface dry and fall off.

2, cold insulation

Low winter temperatures, the exposed parts of the skin vulnerable to frostbite, such as hands, head, neck and so on. Others, such as cold feet can easily, and thus should pay attention to those parts of the cold insulation, can be around scarves, gloves, earmuffs, wearing cotton-padded shoes and other warm, rubbing his hands and ears can be at any time, timely pad feet, exercise. Avoid wearing wet clothes, shoes and socks, while the face after washing hands before they can go out to wipe dry.

3, avoid the use of poor-quality cosmetics

Poor-quality cosmetics due to heavy texture of impure or lead, is toxic to the skin. Some cosmetics contain some of the spices are prone to cause allergies, and some people will be allergic after use, and even the pigmentation. These are easy to damage the skin. Winter, less in the case of sebum, hurt even more.

4, should wear soft

More cold winter clothing, such as not pay attention to wear, easier to feel the skin itching. This is because the body and clothes, clothes and clothing continue to occur between the static friction, static electricity caused by stimulation of the skin. Thus, in winter as far as possible to use cotton, silk and the like do not easily generate static electricity clothing underwear, underwear, shirts and so on. Also note outfits, wearing a polyester shirt, do not wear acrylic sweaters, wear synthetic clothes inside, outside, to not wear polyester insulation jacket to prevent static electricity is appropriate.

5, the skin, Exercises

Exercises to strengthen the skin and enhance skin’s ability to adapt to adapt to the cold environment. Can be cold bath, air bath, solarium, massage, or persist in the face wash in cold water, cold water brush.

6, the importance of food health

When the body lacks vitamin A, skin becomes dry, scaly appearance and even the spine-like skin rash, so winter should eat more foods rich in vitamin A such as liver, eggs, cod liver oil and so on. Can eat sesame seeds (sesame oil), soybeans, peanuts and other foods, they contain unsaturated fatty acids such as linoleic acid. The body lacks linoleic acid, the skin becomes dry, scaly thickening. Meanwhile, some food, will the original person suffering from a skin condition worsened, such as purulent skin diseases were advised to eat sweets, alcohol, etc., pepper, onion, garlic, wine, tea can suffer from itching nerve dysfunction of the skin itch symptoms of people increased, kelp, pasta can make patients suffering from dermatitis herpetiformis someone who is allergic to iodine.

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