Precautions before blood donation?

2011-01-09 at 08:43 am hugege

Should learn from blood donation, blood donation knowledge to understand and eliminate anxiety.

1. As appropriate rest before blood donation to ensure adequate sleep.

2. In the blood should eat light food before, do not eat greasy food, not fasting to donate blood.

3. Donation, especially before the arm elbow should also be washed.

Why can not a lot of water before the blood donation?

Because a lot of water will dilute the blood, lowering blood quality, thus affecting patient treatment.

What is procedure for it?

— Fill in a form of personal data and health questionnaire

Registration — entry computer, when the verification of claims to facilitate blood

— Check blood pressure, weighed, listening to heart and lung, etc.

— Blood hemoglobin, blood type, hepatitis B surface folding, antigen, etc.

Leading drinks, water

Blood — about 10 minutes

Suppress rest — eye of a needle with cotton balls at 10 minutes, stick tape to stop bleeding

Receive blood donation card – when blood reimbursement credentials.

How many days of physical examination and laboratory tests on blood donors and effective?

Blood donors and laboratory examination is valid for 2 weeks.

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