Night every day, how to be a physician

2011-01-09 at 08:39 am hugege

In fact, everyone has their own biological clock, as long as the adaptation of the “ I think the problem is not Wall Street “ `I do more than four years, and now about the basic 12-bed in the morning “` 21:00 wake up (I do own at home . so we do not get up early to rush to the company) “ is 0:00 to eat dinner, in the morning to eat breakfast five or six points (when dinner) “ sometimes will eat at noon (when the late-night snacks) “ `I am the last two years “ The rest remained
Of particular note is “ two-day weekend break that also remain the same “ ““ rest time so that it is not easy to mess up your biological clock “ `
Another point is the more important is the movement “ “` I like to play basketball downstairs in the morning “ or “` Swimming to swim as early as breakfast is not “ when “ `Do not drive or walk Jogging in the past “ “ `This is not bad
But my schedule is the worst place to eat with his family “ `the time is always right
In fact, according to their own circumstances you can “ `adjust their biological clock on “ “

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