Miscarriage. . How to maintain the body? ?

2011-01-09 at 08:07 am hugege

These are the need to do the following, the main thing is to rest, but also psychologically, to restore, do not always live in the shadow of abortion.

Note after abortion

1. Try to stay in bed for 2 to 3 days, avoid strenuous exercise, less reading newspapers and television.
2, after 2 weeks, do not do heavy physical labor.
3, eat more nutritious food, the body back to normal as soon as possible. Generally 7-10 days after not eat cold, eat spicy food within a month.
4, to maintain genital hygiene, wash with warm water every day 1 or 2 times, Changing sanitary napkins.
5,2 weeks before or vaginal bleeding is not clean, not Bath.
6,1-month ban on sex life, prevent genital infection. If you have fever, abdominal pain, abnormal vaginal discharge or odor, to timely treatment.
7, generally 3 to 5 days of vaginal bleeding gradually stopped, no more than 10 to 15 days. If vaginal bleeding more than menstrual blood, the duration is too long, then the need for timely diagnosis and treatment.
8, post-abortion as long as the recovery of life, we should take contraceptive measures to prevent further pregnancies. Endometrial repair under normal circumstances a period of about six months. Therefore require special attention in order to prevent the recurrence of pregnancies resulting in uterine injury.

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