Just given birth to a child, how conditioning and maintenance of the body?

2011-01-09 at 08:31 am hugege

Relevant to the health of postpartum women in his life, in which 6 to 8 weeks in addition to diet, body cleansing is a key issue. Experts pointed out that “when the women give birth in a large number of sweat pants to lochia postpartum and the milk will spill pollution in the skin is dirty, and the distribution of bad smell, so maternal uncomfortable, poor mental state. A long time to accumulate a large number of skin and mucous membrane bacteria take advantage of, causing skin rashes, gynecological inflammation, infection and even the baby’s skin.
Therefore, the source of postpartum month of flowers bath with herbal medicine bath time bath series, with blood, Qi; relieve fatigue, so that mothers maintain a comfortable feeling; also promote wound healing to prevent infection. Clean the skin to enhance maternal sleep, increase appetite, to look awfully turn. Therefore, landscaped yard dipping bath the source of maternal health is very useful.

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