How to maintain their usual physical health? Diet? Sleep? Exercise? What kind of a good habit to develop?

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How well our body maintenance

– Healthy, to have all EU Ming

We all know, a car, if the regular maintenance, it will increase the service life. Ladies and facial wrinkles in order to appear later, will always use a variety of skin care products. So the world, the most important precision “machine” – our bodies, we will always maintain it?
If you choose three things: health, wealth, beauty, and only select the same, Which would you choose it? Cause you are fighting on their own friends, if you make your choice: career and health, you will choose?
I believe we will choose health. We all know will understand that healthy for each of us, are the most important. At the same time many people, consciously or unconsciously the Want to bet (also lucky enough to bet Oh), I just pay attention to health, when to see disease. We bet from it? Because a person’s health is not related to his body, but also related to his business, also related to his entire family, a sick family drag!

A: Health by whom

Some would say that health should be a doctor thing, as long as the doctor is sick. Really true? No doubt, modern medicine has saved many lives, in order to make an indelible contribution to humanity. At the same time, we are now significantly better than the past medical conditions, and various drugs have been out, but in our human physical body is getting worse, health groups accounted for 70% of adults; suffering from various chronic diseases, people increasingly The more of these chronic diseases leading to death of the main reason. For these chronic diseases in our hospitals now do nothing, many experts of his own students are looking at is chronic. Human After years of research, and finally understand what is more important for our health. This study in particular the World Health Organization that affect human health, the following factors: genetic factors accounted for 15%, 8% medical conditions, climatic factors accounted for 7%, 10% of social factors, which accounted for the most important self-care factor is 60%. We had to maintain a healthy self-care is the most important method. Zhongnanhai doctors, the former Ye Jianying, Deng Xiaoping’s health doctor Professor Wang Lianqing also said: “Health is to protect health, prevent disease and will be the 21st century health care system, we need to rely on physician-based, the main change to the self-care to improve the health of the main body. “Thus, health depends on our own, we usually rely on the maintenance, relying on self-care! Must rely on self-care, another important reason is: when they fall ill, especially serious illness, that sum of the expensive medical bills, time and energy that will drag down the whole family.
In fact, our ancestors, thousands of years ago, has made body care – health. Their concept of health has lead the world! Later, for various reasons, we have a period of time, abandoned the health culture of five thousand years, with the back of someone else’s ass. Foreigners continue to run into a wall until after, we began to realize that health is more important than treatment, Health and Culture in China was only known to the world (Alas, the current United States and Japan’s investment in traditional Chinese medicine research, much larger than us). Those of us who think of others than we circle the moon before I start any connection with the health of others later. But our people for the health awareness, still in the healing, we are still on the pattern of care to foreign models as a template. It is still sad, can be considered the.

Second: people should start from when the maintenance

We might think that body care is the old thing. But the reality is so merciless: the baby has been found to have diabetes; many young people do not pay attention because of chronic fatigue, maintenance of sudden death (such as Ericsson executives); various modern diseases and even has a large number of young infants in the body; also studied found a large number of chronic diseases, is the result of a long time, finally appeared out; study also found that, as some women do not pay attention in the diet, resulting in babies have been born with diabetes, obesity. Therefore, maintenance should be started from the fetus, everyone at any age should be taking care of their body!

Third: How Maintenance

Currently, the market has a lot of books on maintenance, various seminars are often held. A variety of argument, so we know what to do; and some companies, for their own products, do misleading propaganda.
In fact maintenance is not complicated. The biggest difference between man and machine, that human beings have self-repair functions: a person has a hand wound will slowly grow well, this is the self-repair. Thus, according to the characteristics of the human body, maintaining two levels: first, to give a balanced nutrition; Second, through conditioning, activation of self-repair.

1: to give a comprehensive and balanced nutrition
Construction of a house, requires a variety of raw materials. Have internal organs, but also require different nutrients. According to have the characteristics of self-repair, under normal circumstances, to give the body balanced and comprehensive nutrition. The human body can repair damaged cells and even the organs themselves. Of health science, presented in thousands of years ago an important dietary treatment. Balanced and comprehensive has two meanings, one is to give all the nutrients needed by the body, because no material can not make bricks without straw; second is adequate, excessive nutrients can lead to poor health, and even create disease.
Since the reform and opening up, our people’s living conditions improved a lot than in the past, people eat better and better, more refined, and also to eat more and is way off. Developed countries have a marked presence in the diet of the original problem: high-calorie, high fat, high protein (ie, the World Health Organization’s three high), leading to diseases of modern civilization flourished. Therefore, we must control the three high normal diet, the high-calorie, high fat, high protein; replaced by coarse food, miscellaneous food, fruits and vegetables. Same time, because now the variety of food, and previous use of organic fertilizer has been kind of out of keeping with the original way out of the food, there is a big difference. Significantly lower nutritional content, so although we eat a lot of food, but still a lot of nutritional deficiencies.
According to the World Health Organization, people need 260 nutrition. Now that the food we eat are made fertilizers, pesticides, hormones or various artificial diet reminder that big, which kind of nutrition, a lot less than the natural growth, so these kinds of nutritional needs in the 30-50 to get their daily food. Therefore, we should eat a variety of food. At the same time, we need to take some health food appropriate to supplement the inadequate diet. ”

2: The proper conditioning
Although our bodies are self-healing, self-balancing features, but, for various reasons, such as certain genes, the inactivation of cell loss, we will lose some of this functionality. Then we need to activate the self-repair. Conditioning that white is activated genes, cells and other body tissues, so again be self-healing, self balance. Many substances such as: enzymes of the material, the material flavonoids, glycosides, substances, growth factors, some alkaloids and polysaccharides, etc., may play the role. Therefore, people in the sub-healthy state, or have a chronic disease, conditioning methods should be adopted to restore self-repair function, fundamental change in health status. Conditioning in the human body, the Chinese lead the world in China. Modern research shows that many of our recuperation of traditional Chinese medicine to contain substances that can activate the cells. Western medicine is the use of alternative, rejection of the method, not a permanent cure. Of course this is not denying the role of Western medicine, Western medicine in the emergency rescue, in order to make a great contribution to mankind.

Moreover, you should note the following three aspects:
1. Maintain a good attitude; our attitude will affect the body’s endocrine, and thus will affect the work of the body organs.
2. Continuing appropriate exercise; appropriate exercise can help our metabolism to speed up the delivery of nutrients and waste, excretion, according to Chinese medicine’s view, table is linked, external motion can enhance the body’s organs function.
3. Adequate sleep; enough sleep so that our bodies have time to repair. Of course, the most important is a balanced diet, if long-term lack of certain nutrients, cell regeneration would be a problem, leading to a decline in function, so sick. Time you have a good attitude, exercise, sleep did not help. Therefore, maintenance of balanced nutrition is the basis of body

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