How to maintain the health of hepatitis B

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Diet was mainly alcohol and avoid spicy foods, such as “Do not eat chicken, lamb, seafood,” no scientific basis to say more; avoid over exertion, away from the chemical toxins, drugs used with caution especially for liver damage drugs. Abnormal liver function, disease activity should pay attention to rest, eating light, balanced nutrition. Make the body you have a few recipes
Cod fish soup radish roll
Ingredients: 500 grams of carrots, 300 grams of cod (supermarket sales, ready-made thin pieces), 3 slices of ginger, coriander and spring onions 2 garlic pepper, rice wine a little different.
Cooking: Wash radish, cut thinly for the flakes, parsley, onion washed, cut into sections; ginger, garlic from the oil pan, the next carrot, fry for about 3 minutes until the aroma, the next appropriate for the degree of flooding over radish , Wu Huo roll roll fire after the change in about 20 minutes to the next cod cooked, add the right amount of salt, rice wine, soy sauce, pepper, and then next spring onion, parsley under the last, a moment can be. Tom also has food available for human use 3 to 4.
Angelica sinensis mutton soup ginger

Ingredients: 20 grams ginger, angelica 20 grams, 100 grams of lamb practice: mutton boiled with water, the ginger slices, wrapped with gauze with Angelica and lamb stew. Efficacy: the climate became progressively cooler now, there is warming effect, especially Wenshen. Note: Most people can eat, especially the elderly and infirm. But the fever, angry, sore throat were hanged.

Clam soup
A cabbage, take cabbage, (cabbage leaves stuffed with just a), tofu, half a catty about a pound of clam, water in the raised half a day and let it spit spit of sand.
2, diced green onion, ginger amount, until fragrant, stir fry the next cabbage, bean curd and then the next
3, eight mature, salt amount, plus sinensis, can cook.
1, only the salt on it, add other seasonings, then will affect the flavor of seafood, chicken and the like do not put the best
2, salt in moderation, do not put more.
Black chicken soup approach:
1, the recipe / formula:
A black-bone chicken, the best live chickens, throwing open the belly Church (no live chickens, slaughtered a good buy also improvise), built-in
20 grams of astragalus, angelica 15 grams, 20 grams of Radix, Radix 10 grams, five thick slices of ginger, red dates 9,
A little salt, rice wine amount, boil water, replaced. Cook, fire boil, simmer soup 2 hours,
Then add a little chopped green onion, stir the pan, the most suitable for women taking this soup, especially after childbirth, loss of viremia is preferred,
Taboo: Size fennel.
If not so many ingredients / herbs, it does not matter, the estimated Mo was put some American ginseng, red dates, ginger, and within easy reach of things also, lies in the soup of the method / to be determined. Every morning and evening to drink a small bowl, continued six months, cure, disease-free physical fitness
Pig soup
Ingredients: 200 grams peanuts, pigs claws 2, salt, onion, ginger, rice wine the right amount.
Method: pig claws and hair removed, washed a knife mouth, into the pot, add peanuts, salt, onion, ginger, rice wine, water amount, with Wuhuoshaofei after the switch to gentle heat Aozhi Shulan .
The practice of mushroom soup chicken legs:
① Clean the chicken and put it into boiling water, remove, rinse with cold water and drain; mushrooms stalks, washed, sliced; Wash red dates, to the nucleus; peanut washed with water till soft, spare .
② set the fire pan, into the amount of water, fire boil, add chicken cook for about 10 minutes, add peanuts, red dates, mushrooms; boil stew to turn a small fire after the material Shulan, the last salt mix can be.
Moist duck approach:
1, the duck and lean pork, cut into large pieces, each about 1 double, and then add the ginger pieces into the boiling water about 3 minutes roll, remove the smell;
2, the duck kidney dry with cool wipe open 1 hour after the flooding, the flooding of dried tangerine peel with a cold open end of capsule removal after 1 hour, covered dishes washed and cut into sections;
3, boiled water and lean after the duck, duck kidney, dates, dried tangerine peel into the casserole by adding cold water (not over the top about 10 cm) water to boil over high heat, turn to medium heat and cook for 2 hours, and then Cover pot dish by adding 1 hour, seasoning with salt Serve duck family favorite moisture can also add pepper to increase its fragrance.
Korean seaweed soup
Seaweed and cut into sections, put beef soup … .. beef, cut into thick wire is also cooked into soup …. ah … ah … cook until cooked seaweed (very soft and very soft.) .. add garlic and soy sauce (not the kind of flavor) … .. like a cook for a

Practice 2: 1. The same way a

2. … Soaked seaweed and cut into sections and garlic, sesame oil together in the pot, fry for a while (1 minute or less) … .. beef, cut into the beef soup is also into the soup thick wire … in cooking …. ah … ah … cook until cooked seaweed (very soft, very soft) … into the soy sauce (not like the flavor of the kind )……

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