How to maintain the body after the medical abortion?

2011-01-09 at 08:35 am hugege

1. Pay attention to your own cleaning, the day lower body with warm water 1-2 times, do not use lotion.
2. Attention to diet, eat something nutritious, chicken, ribs, lean meat …. then of course there is no need to make, little better than usual on it.
3. Time to take medicine, the hospital should give you a prescription.
4. Not a lot of exercise, adequate rest, try to do less physical exercise and resting.
5. Do not cold water, do not drink cold water bath to wash, but keep warm, dry hair shampoo is driving out to carefully cold.
6. Do not have sex within one month, it is likely to cause infection.
7. Finished surgery, will be a small amount of bleeding, usually 7-10 days can be stopped, if the bleeding intermittently, then please go to the hospital again to check and timely treatment.
8. Usually 30-50 days after abortion will come to menstruation, if a long time do not come, or get the hospital to check.

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