How to maintain healthy body in the spring

2011-01-09 at 08:21 am hugege

In the spring, especially in early spring, temperature range up to 20 degrees, dress should pay attention to climate change with the change, should not have less clothing too fast. As the saying goes “cold starting from the feet,” the spring of the clothes traditional health advocate “under thick on the thin”, young women in particular should pay attention to, for dresses not too early, otherwise it will lead to arthritis and a variety of gynecological diseases. “Spring cover autumn cold,” said the spring should be the appropriate cover is a cover, reduce diseases, especially common respiratory infectious diseases.

Should pay attention to light in the diet can eat onions, ginger, garlic and other foods with the sterilization efficacy of disease prevention, but also may be appropriate to eat dates, honey, nourishing the stomach like food, eat more vegetables, vitamins and trace elements are also useful , eat too acidic, greasy foods, which are not digestible, but also should not eat lamb, dog, and hot pepper and other Okara of goods, to prevent heat accumulation in vivo.
Spring in good health before we talk here today, of course, can not forgot to remind you that the weather was clear and dry and the trees, fire rose to the highest level, these two days when a trip we should pay attention to fire safety

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