How maintenance of the body into the fall

2011-01-09 at 08:13 am hugege

Early hours, to prevent Dryness, more consumption of moist food, such as: stewed white fungus Sydney rock sugar, almonds and other lung stew. Sooner or later, pay attention to warm clothing,
High air is crisp autumn day is a good season wearing a colorful, people can enjoy a variety of fabrics to choose, with reasonable design, will make the streets more beautiful.

How to wear is a science. Because everyone has different physical and loving, sensitive response to the well-being are also different, so the choice of clothing should be individualized. In general, the fall dry climate, easy to arouse people’s irritation, should be selected in the fabric smooth cloth, clothes should not be narrow and tight to the cold Songshu fitness as well.

Young people should not dress in the fall and more irregular, due to the fall of the health characteristics of a “sex fluid inside the battery, adduction yang”, too much body heat will sweat clothing, sweat too much, hurt consumption of Yin-chun, yang bag leaks, is not conducive to health. The temperature fell gradually fall, do not add too much too fast clothes, so that the body has the ability to resist cold, folk wisdom of “autumn cold,” said is the truth.

Children and the elderly weak constitutions, unlike young adults, the higher the sensitivity to cold in the autumn with particular attention to changes of clothes, early and late should wear more clothes, to avoid catching a cold. Cool on the course to avoid the Sky thicker clothing, this will help the body to adapt to the cold climate. In short, the dress should be individualized.
As the saying goes: “a virtual one-third of disease-free summer,” one to the beginning of autumn, the weather was cool though sooner or later, but there is still like summer day rampant, so the human body is prone to fatigue, weakness and so on. According to Chinese medicine, “Yang Yang spring and summer, autumn and winter Yin” principle, fall tonic is very necessary, but not chaotic tonic supplement should be taken to avoid these problems.

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