How maintenance of the body after donation?

2011-01-09 at 08:44 am hugege

Blood donors in order to increase the nutritional supplement general necessary for a variety of hematopoietic nutrients appropriate. Blood raw materials include: protein, iron, folic acid and vitamin B12 and so on.

Contains more high quality protein foods: milk, meat, eggs, soy products and so on.

More foods containing iron are: liver, jellyfish, shrimp, sesame, seaweed, black fungus, seaweed, mushrooms, peas, jujube, Woodcrest Hill and so on. In addition, when the choice of wok cooking.

More foods containing folic acid are: liver, kidney, beef and so on.

More food containing vitamin B12 are: liver, pig or Yang Shen, fermented bean curd and so on.

In short, blood donors do not have anything particular to eat, just eat scientific and rational, nutritional value, tasty, comfortable, appropriate, you can in a short time, the restoration of lost that part of the blood.

How the activity or exercise after blood donation?

Blood donors do not participate in strenuous exercise the day-night entertainment.

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