How can a physician programmer keep health

2011-01-09 at 08:15 am hugege

Talk about long-term consumption of wholesome food bar

Grains whole grains, but a good thing, for example, can eat the morning bread or a variety of millet and mung bean corn gooey cornmeal porridge,
A cup of milk or yogurt a day
Sesame food on the table every day
Laver soup cook noodles as long as eat lots of other good to put some
Vegetables and fruits, green leafy vegetables every day for pumpkin sweet potatoes, carrots and so very rich in nutrients
Sterilization of garlic and vinegar, and can prevent many diseases and even can play a role in the treatment of
Legumes such as soy bean curd tofu is nourishing to know Oh
There can store these dates, wolfberry fruit, tea, honey, vinegar, are very nutritious
Some water to drink every day tasty hot sweet drinks and nutritious than those of Kazakhstan. Natural tea has anti-radiation

Also note that eating fried
Eat oily food with high cholesterol certainly not good for health

In order to prevent computer operators suffer from occupational diseases, need to pay attention to a reasonable diet. Breakfast should be eat, nutritionally adequate to ensure the exuberant energy, and have enough heat. Chinese food should eat a high protein-containing foods such as lean pork, beef, mutton, poultry, animal offal, variety of fish, beans and soy products.

Dinner should be light, eat foods high vitamin, such as the variety of fresh vegetables, fresh fruit after dinner snack. Meanwhile, the selection of phospholipids containing foods that are high in order to facilitate brain, such as egg yolks, fish, shrimp, walnuts, peanuts and so on.

Even more conscious of food use eye protection, eye health, preventing myopia and other eye diseases, eye health foods are liver of various animals, milk, goat milk, butter, millet, walnuts, carrots, cabbage, spinach, Chinese cabbage , tomato, lily, water spinach, medlar and a variety of fresh fruit.

In addition, computer operators working 1-2 hours, you should look at the whole body activity, eye exercises to do, as long as attention to diet and work and rest, you can enhance the body’s resistance to prevent the disease.
Place a cactus in the computer desk help reduce the radiation, because the cactus is a strong local growth in the sunshine, so the ability to absorb radiation especially good friends who are sedentary computer up to find pieces of cactus, protect your eyes. In fact, aloe can eliminate radiation! Also used the computer, look at the face with cold water washing can remove the face of static electricity.

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