How a man to maintain the body man

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“Why set mirror man” era has passed, even if he does not concern and preparation, we would urge him. Now, a man
No decent head, face, and how Chu Laihun it? Sonorous male color and to the time already, but unfortunately some of the survey data are not
See: Four men have an oily skin, which may be less than one and one-third of the 35 years of age. Men
Skin from the … …

The role of hormones

Men generally tend to oily skin, PH value is about 4.5 to 6.0, due to hormonal stimulation of sebum secretion activity too frequently,
So more oil and sweat secretion. When the time is not strong discharge cleaning, grooming and plug the pores, skin
Will emerge acne. And if you did not grow timely treatment acne treatment, it is likely because of cell necrosis
Leave permanent scars.

Beard care

Blade close contact with the skin, the skin is more or less stimulation. Frequent shaving will make the face skin group
Organizations constantly falling off, the update to speed up the skin’s metabolism, causing the skin relaxation.

Too many outdoor sports

Men prefer outdoor sports, outdoor golf, football, basketball, swimming and other sports, so that prolonged exposure of skin
In the sun, the sun damage skin, such as sunburn, sunburn, and accelerate skin aging.

Disdain in skin care

Many men think skin care is unique to women, some of the best men masculine, no need to skin care. So
Dry, dry, oily and other issues will naturally come.

Adverse lifestyle

Smoke, stay up all night, all kinds of meat and wine entertainment, irregular diet, may lead to endocrine disorders, skin is also affected by
To the effect. Regular smokers who face bleak; night owl looking Fan Qing, black eye obvious; socialize too much skin weeping
Light; and irregular diet can cause acne.
From the pressure

Men than women suffer greater pressure. Swiss authorities beauty and psychological research found that mental stress can lead
To the endocrine system disorders, there lasting physical and mental dysfunction. Resulting in loose dry skin, loss of luster, color was
Pathological state, a phenomenon known as “messy skin syndrome”, it will accelerate the skin aging, and prevent skin fitness.

Early hours

Lack of sleep can cause skin to lose bright luster, but also make the rapid aging of the skin cells, accelerate skin wrinkles
To appear. Skin in the discharge of waste during the day and work at night to supplement nutrition and self-repair, this work
11 pm to 5 am the most exuberant. Therefore, the early hours to eliminate not only the general fatigue, but also make the skin more fitness.

Save the proposal – a set of skin care products for men

For men, skin care the most important part is to keep clean. Strengthen skin care, and he owned at least
Are: facial cleanser, skin care water, Cream skin care, shaving cream. These skin care products in addition to a clean face, but also to
Skin to provide the appropriate nutrients. But not too strong alkaline cleaning agent, otherwise it will stimulate more oil production,
Should choose a mild cleansing agent.

Enjoy the shaving as a

In the use of wet shaving blade, the first face wash to prevent bacterial invasion, followed by the hot towel to the skin
Cuticle softening. Soft texture of shaving shaving cream used to slow the blade on the facial skin friction. After shaving a
Scheduled to be painted must be after the water or milk after, conditioning, calm tension in the skin, making it back to life, full of vitality.

Get that good skin

Have large pores, oily skin and acne men breeding conditions, to avoid eating fatty and fried foods, spicy
Food should stay away from. Eat antioxidant foods can increase the skin feeling firm and elastic, such as green peppers, broccoli, tomatoes
Persimmon, papaya, oranges, kiwi, lemon, grapefruit, wheat germ, vegetable oils, various nuts.

Spirit of Beauty France

Swiss beauty, psychologists Professor Treece launched a series of effective spiritual beauty method. The “laughter therapy
Law “is the fastest and effective way that people are most willing to accept. Way whenever and wherever, as long as conditions allow to go to
Encountered the most ridiculous things, laughed heartily 1 to 2 minutes, 3 to 4 times every day, not take a month, will be radiant
Regular care

Now men’s grooming has become a climate. Regularly go to beauty salons, make him a thorough professional cleaning, massage the skin, can be
The skin off the surface of senescent cells in a timely manner to promote the facial blood circulation, improve skin’s breathing, the use of the sebaceous glands and
Secretion of sweat glands of skin nutrition, to improve the vitality of the skin deep cells, which make the skin shiny and elastic. If
He did not love the time to beauty salons, next time you face when doing DIY at home, may wish to Shao Shang him.

Regular exercise

Smooth flow of movement to make his blood, radiant, sweat helps clean out the dirt deep inside pores. Sports
The health of the skin is very important, but also appropriate.

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