After menstruation how to be cared

2011-01-09 at 08:25 am hugege

In general, due to physiological, psychological, diet, fatigue, cold, and many other reasons, the girls in menstruation or menstrual period, will have varying degrees of lower abdominal pain, bulge, backache and other discomfort. If you pay attention to maintenance of the menstrual period, such as engaging in strenuous exercise will not only increase the symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, and may cause gynecological disorders.

Then the menstrual period in the physical exercise should pay attention to? First, should control the amount of exercise, the menstrual period is not the absolute prohibition of movement, but the high intensity, the movement of large amount of exercise (such as long-distance running, jumping, sit-ups, etc.), or should the initial period to avoid or reduce as far as possible, so as not to aggravate or increase the amount of bleeding dysmenorrhea . In addition, for those who must be engaged in swimming training of female athletes should pay attention to water temperature and water cleanliness. If the water temperature is too cold, easily lead to blood stasis, “No General pain”, increase the degree of dysmenorrhea. Menstrual period of women’s resistance to drop, can easily cause infection of the genitourinary system, so if relatively dirty water can lead to pelvic inflammatory disease and other gynecological inflammation. Third, the exercise should be to keep warm and avoid a lot of sweat after exercise by the wind. Fourth, if the process in motion, dizziness, nausea, palpitation, they should immediately stop exercising, do not bite the bullet.

1. To maintain genital hygiene. Washing with water every day outside the genitals, and try to shower. During menstruation women are more susceptible to disease, because most of the time of vaginal environment is acidic, and can well protect the balance of the vagina, but in the period before and after the arrival of the vaginal pH value in the transition from 4.5 to about 6.0 , for some conditions the growth of pathogenic bacteria to create a favorable environment. So, be good hygiene during menstruation.

2. Note menstrual hygiene supplies. Menstrual period, should be selected with quality assurance of sanitary napkins. Changing sanitary napkins to develop the habit. When in use sanitary napkins if there is itching or swelling and other allergic symptoms should immediately stop using and stop the skin return to normal after the general.

3. To maintain optimism and emotional stability, proper control of physical activity.

During menstruation, often because of some physical discomfort, emotional irritability, irritability or depression, and in turn affect the menstrual mood swings. So to keep their minds at ease, self-regulation of mood, to relieve the discomfort of menstruation.

In addition, the menstrual period should pay attention to rest and maintain adequate sleep, to increase the strength. Avoid vigorous sports and heavy manual labor, can participate in some light exercise, such as gymnastics, walking, and so on.

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