yellow vaginal discharge

2011-01-06 at 06:18 am hugege

First, you need to know: normal vaginal discharge is white transparent, odorless. It consists of the vaginal mucous membrane exudate, cervical and endometrial gland secretions mixed. In general, the amount of vaginal discharge ranging from each, the same person throughout the menstrual cycle, there are different changes. Usually in the middle period, due to strong secretion of endocervical glandular cells, vaginal discharge can be increased, like egg white, although the thin transparent. Pelvic congestion before and after passing through the vaginal mucosa increased exudate, these are normal changes. The odorous or colored if you want to exclude the interference of the urine. (According to your description, your vaginal discharge is only recently that the changes)

Recommend that you read your description does not consider the case of gynecological inflammation. There is no odor, change in character? 【Because women as a natural physiological structure, so it is easy to suffer from gynecological inflammation. It is also promoting regular gynecological examinations Reasons for

You Do not panic, go to the hospital not to be feared. 【Taboo illness to avoid the emotional health of course is understandable, but can definitely be overcome】 to the hospital to check the first white band. (Vaginal routine check to see if there is no inflammation, then you can periodically perform routine physical examination.) The other is you need to know about women in health care knowledge (after a woman), how to protect themselves, to be a healthy woman! If there is suffering from inflammation, you do not worry, according to the doctor’s medical advice to accept the correct, standard treatment!

(Give you about the unusual circumstances found in the yellow vaginal discharge what circumstances: ◎ ◎ leucorrhea yellow or green, the smell. This is normally provided by Trichomonas vaginitis or bacterial infection caused suppurative. Common in Trichomonas vaginitis, gonorrhea, chronic cervicitis, vaginal foreign bodies. Bacterial vaginosis mainly as an increase in vaginal discharge, a bad smell, may be associated with mild genital itching or burning sensation. leucorrhea pale, uniform thin vaginal discharge, viscosity is very low. ◎ ◎ yellow vaginal discharge. yellowish vaginal discharge common in mycoplasma and chlamydia infections; yellow vaginal discharge is due to necrosis or degeneration caused by lesions, common in uterine fibroids film, cervical cancer, uterine cancer , fallopian tube cancer. ◎ ◎ your situation a little inflammation on the performance)

Well, you say a preventive health care question! You need to know are: personal hygiene, keeping the vulva clean and dry; wash for underwear, do not share towels with others, bathtub, do not wear nylon or similar fabric underwear, towels used during the illness, underwear, etc. should be sterilized by boiling . Prohibition of sexual intercourse during treatment to prevent cross infection. Advised to avoid vaginal administration during menstruation and Bath. If necessary, check with a sexual partner may be required, should be treated as positive.

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