the most health of several vegetables on the autumn

2011-01-06 at 06:56 am hugege


Bu pigment content is much higher than other vegetables, ascorbic acid, although less than the chili was higher than the tomato, spinach contains a hemostatic effect of vitamin K is highest in leafy vegetables; rich riboflavin, but also to prevent mouth ulcers and lip inflammation, glossitis, dermatitis role.


Fresh is best to stew, fried is good. Stewed can maintain more than 93% of carotene, fried carotene can also be maintained above 80%, while raw, cold, the body can only absorb 10%.


Substance rich in vitamins, vitamin C content of its prominent, than the common cabbage, yellow bean sprouts 3-4 times higher content, the content of citrus per cent more than 2 times. Chinese medicine has always been colored white into the lungs, said. Autumn is the season of respiratory disease and more, white cauliflower is undoubtedly a timely health vegetables.


High iodine content in lettuce, which is the body’s basal metabolism and physical development will have beneficial effects. Leaf lettuce stem lettuce nutrition is much higher than in autumn love people suffering from cough cough eat lettuce leaves can be flat.

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