May I ask how to make the eyes brighter, more God, more black black eyes

2011-01-06 at 06:19 am hugege

Beautification of the eyes can not be ignored. Even if you do not have youthful eyes, such as through the appropriate make-up, it can make you very lovely; addition to make-up, the basic maintenance and exercise, is essential. Beauty, including their own eyes the beauty of the eyes, eyelashes, eyebrows trimming and makeup.

To make the eyes and flexible, crystal clear, bright, attractive play, increasing the allure of the opposite sex, it should be special protection for the eyes, not only to make it beautiful, but also to make it healthy.

Eyes should have adequate rest, tired eyes and a beautiful addition to outside influence, but also damage the eyes, we must first know how to avoid eye fatigue, followed by what should be tired of the rest.

The reasons for the general cause eye fatigue, the first is the light in low light reading. The second is to do a small job, so the eyes focus and greater than the fatigue. The third is not the right way to watch TV. Reading light should be enough to read in the light, should select 80 to 100 watts of lighting, light position should be higher than eye level, the book should be put in the position of the side lights to avoid reflections, the book should be kept with your eyes 35 ~ 40 cm distance. Some, such as copying, typing. Statistics. Shorthand. Sew and so on, this kind of work it is easy to make the eyes tired, so do some time, the eyes should be allowed to rest 2 to 3 minutes, the rest is to allow the eye to see distant things, such as walls, ceilings, overlooking the two if they can look at the crystal minutes better.

Watching TV, the room light is not bright nor too large, sunny, away from the nearest TV set not less than 1.8 m, in this limit, select the location you feel comfortable. Elimination of eye fatigue has the following methods:

☆ The simplest method is to wash with cleansing eyelids, temples and forehead.

☆ acid treatment of cotton dipped in shed, lie down and close your eyes, put cotton wool dipped in acid studio put the lid 5 to 10 minutes.

☆ drops of ophthalmic care projects. Your eyes do some exercise if you are engaged in typing, shorthand, reading or other close to the similar work of women, can develop the following simple exercise habits 4. Can eliminate eye fatigue and increase flexibility eyes. Whether or not fatigue your eyes tired, once a day are beneficial.

☆ blink a wink, and then watching any target distance.

☆ Do not turn the head, let your eyes go to the right corner of the eye, and then go to the left corner of the eye.

☆ do not rise or down, let your eyes take a look at the ceiling, and then look the floor.

☆ eyes opened wide as possible to, and then try to Bijin.

In addition there is a finger pressure method, the eye parts of the fresh blood can flow naturally as the eye can be as relaxed and cute: the index finger at the press near the Eye, from the corner of the eye to Yanshao divided into four points, press 2 for each point ~ 4 seconds and repeat several times. Should press the upper and lower eye, left eye at completion of the right eye is also subjected to the same method. This means the pressure in the eye socket to impose law office, you can increase your charming eyes, while promoting blood circulation, the can eliminate eye fatigue, for low myopia are also quite valid.

Not clear and cloudy eyes, is the beauty of the shortcomings, but also a pathological body. Bright eyes or not, and nutrition are closely related. Great food and this case be related, in general, the eye appears cloudy the people, mostly due to eating too much meat, flour and rice and other food categories, while the starch, fruit, vegetables and other food intake too. Should eat foods conducive to the eye, such as fish, liver, orange juice and so on.

Adequate amount of sleep, a happy, healthy, natural beauty with dynamic performance. If using fresh milk before sleep can wash once, the beauty of the eye is the best way to wash with milk, on the one hand can not be retained in the eyes of the material removed at the same time because it contains all the enzymes and nutrients not only keep eye the role of nutritional supplements, as well as cleaning effect.

Tea for containing vitamin C, tannins in tea is also very rich, has a significant effect clean the eyes, wash with tea before sleep time, very beautiful eye effect, but the tea category, such as daffodils, Longjing, Shoumei other better without the refining system, so the tea for beauty is also a good way.

Beautiful eyes of the greatest obstacle to the outer corner of the eye wrinkles, followed by dark circles. Outside corner of the eye wrinkles, you can use foundation sub-filling, dark circles can be covered with powder, but that is temporary, if you one face, immediately visible. Elimination of these barriers is only a black eye restoration with balanced diet, only at the outer corner of the wrinkle cream and massage nutrient deposition, where there are “cream” and famous are effective because most creams containing lanolin, you can make your eyes around skin lubrication. Eyes after the sun from the bridge of the nose to make one minor point massage.

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