How to use essential oils to do the winter maintenance of the body

2011-01-06 at 07:00 am hugege

Recommended Garden Floral scents of essential oils in Australia, very good.

Prepared a bottle of your own aromatherapy massage oil, bath body care lotion as a smear after it is saving time and enjoy great value with aromatic effect.

Production Method

Very simple, as long as the medium of choice 50 ml oil 25 drops of pure essential oil drops of the appropriate on it.

Recipe for essential oil

—- With side issues

A variety of spine or low back pain (as a general body care oil use)

1. 5 drops of German chamomile, fir 10 drops lavender 10 drops

2. 8 drops of black pepper, ginger 10 drops, 7 drops clary sage

Relaxation of tight muscles (for water-based obesity)

1. 8 drops of grapefruit, black pepper 10 drops, 7 drops rosemary

2. 8 drops of fennel, juniper 10 drops, 7 drops of grapefruit

Poor circulation, cold hands and feet (used as a body oil body care)

1. Black pepper 8 drops cypress 10 drops, 7 drops geranium

2. 8 drops of ginger, green and gray Melaleuca 10 drops, 7 drops lemon

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