How to maintain the middle-aged body

2011-01-06 at 06:57 am hugege

Into middle age, physical function when started from the heyday of youth gradually decline, the pressure of life unprecedented large: the people of this age are usually not only the pressure of work, still there are old, under a small stage, marriage also entered the seven-year itch in time, will often feel tired. In fact, there are ways to adjust, the first open heart, to treat themselves at the pressure conversion, to enjoy the family warmth, Society and sensible The children growing up communication, care of elderly parents kindly, understanding, profound feelings of his wife for perspective. Meanwhile, we must adhere to the exercise, the exercise as a pleasure, you can go out with my family more fun activities, and even a simple walk, which increase the feelings of the body by exercise. Second, eat appropriate health care products, maintenance of your body is still necessary. want to be healthy!!

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