How to learn martial arts

2011-01-06 at 06:41 am hugege

First to establish a strong will, martial arts can not be fits and starts network, to dog day of summer training, winter training Sanjiu, perseverance persevere. Moreover, thanks to a teacher is to teach skills system. General practice martial arts started from the basics, the first kick to stretch the tendons and Zhan Zhuang training process, etc., further training in Wushu, a process that is more a long time, but also the longest period of martial arts. After which they were practicing martial art, etc., to improve the level of actual fighting. On this basis, but also training in a variety of exercises, many schools of martial arts, the martial way of the specific practice is different, depending on the circumstances of the case study boxing, martial arts do not practice, to the old get the job, this part of the most important, Wan hope not slack.

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