How to do with Insomnia

2011-01-06 at 06:31 am hugege

How do sleep at night?

Sleep or awakening is a normal physiological process, but it is not fully autonomous control human activities, but a passive process. It is not like some of the activities the human body can the human will, that come to stop then stop. Insomnia is often difficult to induce people to sleep while their troubled division. In fact, early mild insomnia, through self-conditioning can often benefit approach to the specific summarized as follows:

(1) normal and natural state of mind. Insomnia do not have to worry too much about, the more nervous, the more forced to sleep, just the opposite. Some people sleep a number of days there is even more nervous to think that the brain are not going to rest, not a short-lived, will be sick. Such concern caused by over-anxiety, sleep itself and the greater health hazards.

(2) to seek and eliminate the causes of insomnia. Many factors that cause insomnia, mentioned before, if a little attention, is not difficult to find. Are eliminated, insomnia, self-healing, and insomnia caused by disease, should promptly seek medical attention. Can not be considered: Insomnia is just a small problem, Suan Bule disease and delayed treatment.

(3) physical and mental relaxation, good sleep. Before going to bed to walk, relax spirit and a shower before bed, or wash, or hot foot bath, then go to bed, sleep with a smooth any harm. Induce the human body to sleep, there are many specific methods, such as: relaxation function, has been popular among the people, you can help. In addition, the re-introduction of two simple lines of the law they pass:

① close his eyes and into the static method. After going to bed, close my eyes first, and then his eyes slightly open a crack, to maintain some contact with the outside world, though, mental activities still in operation, however, the tension of sympathetic nerve activity has been greatly decreased, inducing the body gradually into the hazy state of drowsiness .

② days of drum-ming method. Going to bed, sit close their eyes, cover your left palm, right palm cover the right ear, hit back of the head with his finger, so to hear the sound of whistling. The number of times to consciously flip slightly tired so far. Stop the bomb attack, the head slowly near the pillow, after the two sides of the body naturally placed in, will soon fall asleep.

(4) sleep induction. Listening to the rhythmic sound dull, for example: the train is running sound, crickets call, and the rain pattering pattering sound of dripping water sound tape, or music hypnosis tapes to help sleep, but also in order to establish conditioning induced sleep.

(5) drinking hot milk law. Before going to bed drink a cup of hot milk with sugar, according to research that can increase the secretion of human insulin to increase the acid into the brain cells to promote secretion of the human brain serotonin sleep; same style milk material containing traces of morphine, with a calm soothing effect, thus contributing to human sleep soundly.

(6) suitable sleeping position. Of course, a comfortable sleeping position is appropriate, and can vary. However, the side sleep better health Tsz Shan Cao family in the “sleep tips” that: “left lying bent left leg, bent left arm to hand bearing head, stretch the right foot to right hand placed between the right stocks. Right lying against is. “posture that is conducive to sleep, relax, sleep well.

(7) If the fatigue is difficult to sleep who may wish to eat apples, bananas, orange, orange, pear, and other similar fruit. Because such fruit aroma, calming the nervous system; fruit sugar, can inhibit the cerebral cortex to sleep easily understood.

(8) Ruoyin on a business trip, maladjusted Erzhi insomnia, there should be mentally prepared to take the initiative to adapt, be prepared for, will not sleep well because of intense fear. While also using more Zhumian of the law, you can avoid insomnia.

Using the dharmas, so that sleep does not talk, do not think; sleep for the heart, and then sleep, namely: the degree before going to bed with the brain, however, rule out all other thoughts after going to bed and keep quiet; Also, note that the bedroom environment quiet, fresh air, suitable for hard and soft beds, is able to improve sleep quality. Sleep well, wake up with plenty of natural energy.

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