Healthy middle-aged “5 is not” taboo:

2011-01-06 at 06:47 am hugege

A work does not stay up all night: and middle-aged, due to heavy workload, especially the culture, health, education, journalism and various mental person, from time to time, proper to open burn the midnight oil, the next break to add strength to the body not there will be much hindered.

If you work long recklessly, life long staying up late, it may cause excessive tension due to the nervous system, resulting in a nervous breakdown, ulcer disease, hypertension, coronary heart disease.

In addition, long-term lack of sleep, can also cause brain damage, prompting premature aging.

2 meals do not go hungry: Some middle-aged people because of busy work, study or business is difficult to get out of tension, even a saliva are too busy to think a long time to drink, eat breakfast, it is common, long-term effect will lead to moisture, nutrient deficiency, trigger thrombosis and urinary stone disease.

Often go hungry without food, but also cause ulcers, induced low blood sugar, or even lead to coma and shock.

On the contrary, often hungry, overeating, more harmful to health. Therefore, only time quantitative, time to eat at meals, in order to ensure a full display of brain function, so that the memory, understanding, thinking, and analysis capabilities in a more ideal state.

3 fun is not distracting: easy, healthy, appropriate entertainment, you can adjust the nervous, cultivate character, healthy. But the fun too, would consume too much vitamin A, vision loss, nerve fatigue.

Listening to music such as the long manic, over-stretched eardrum will affect the hearing; long-playing video games, will be suffering from “computer syndrome”; all night playing cards, chess, mahjong playing, it will consume too much brain power and energy, beverages worrying about their health.

So, middle-aged should also be fun in moderation, but also should pay attention to civilized elegance and ease of mind.

4, but the amount of exercise: proper physical exercise can enhance physical fitness, good health. However, excessive exercise can consume a lot of heat, lactic acid and other metabolites accumulate in the blood. Excessive exercise can also cause cardiac arrhythmia, affecting liver function, resulting in bones and muscle soreness, appeared counterproductive.

5 pain without delay: Many middle-aged people are often not fare well, often dizziness, fatigue, chest tightness, heart palpitations, stomach pain, insomnia, shortness of breath, joint pain, poor appetite, they also did not care to delay medical treatment, the results of minor illnesses boiled serious illness, dragged into the light ill patients, resulting in lost opportunities for treatment.

In addition, women to 45 years old, prone to irritability, sweating, waist, leg pain and other symptoms of menopause. In recent years, many doctors recommend a number of middle-aged women taking soy isoflavones to balance estrogen in the body, relieve menopausal symptoms.

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