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2011-01-06 at 06:51 am hugege

Slow breathing Qigong interest rate adjustment method, work, home, ready to do for workers of all ages.

Seeking song straight (sit-power)
* Sat down, not * back, relax your hands As the natural leg, the breathing mix thoroughly;
* Inhale slowly to the nose, make a fist, fist upward placed the body on both sides of the heart;
* Toggle, chest, back straight, head thrown back;
* Then the nose and breathe down the neck hand waist, his hands slowly open;
* Hands down, the first return, restore the original position, body relaxed.
Reminder: Every time practice 7 times a day to practice 3 to 4 back. Exercise to maintain stability, Chiang Kai-shek, easy, gentle movements, half-way to breath, can not hold your breath.

Hop capital (sitting work)
* Sit up straight, arms ring pillow set from the back of the head, keep breathing naturally;
* To nasal breathing, head and arm Jumping, chest Zhi Yao;
* Breathing, the first low Fushou, stature slowly bend down and relax to Beiji Gu gas down smooth.
Reminder: 6 times back and forth generally, visual adjustment of the number of individual physical condition. Operation should be slow, careful, do not rush.

Flat rejection (smoothing function)
* Relax, breathe naturally; feet parallel and shoulder width;
* Qi Zhijian arm lift, and then the natural down;
* Under the fourth consecutive time to do, arm and knee flexion while moving.
Reminder: practice any exercises feel tired, timely action can be thrown into the flat, until not feel tired, and then reply to the original action. This action can expel toxicity.

Beat hip
* Knees shaking up and down nature, as the flat rejection;
* Turn driven by the waist, shoulders relax, arms swing around like Bo Langgu general, tapping the pocket (ie the hip).
Reminder: This training will help multi-abdominal organs, upon completion, drink some warm water. Do not beat hard to avoid making physical injury.

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