After the abortion, how to maintain the body

2011-01-06 at 06:23 am hugege

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Abortion is a woman not want to face things, but often had to face the reality that almost every woman of childbearing age have had at least one of the abortion experience. If had to do, you should better protect themselves, because it is after all the damage to your body.

1, adequate rest, nutrition. Bed rest after the operation flow 2 “3 days later to get out of bed, and gradually increase activity time. A half months after the crowd not to engage in heavy physical work and labor under cold water to avoid exposure to cold. Note the addition of nutrients, enhance the body against the disease resistance, and promote the early repair damaged organs. abortion surgery, should eat more fish, meat, eggs, soy products and other protein-rich foods and vitamin-rich fresh vegetables, to speed up the body’s recovery.

2, to maintain the vulva clean, non-sexual intercourse. Flow after the cervix has not fully closed, the endometrium is also a healing process. During this time, we should pay special attention to genital hygiene, the use of sanitary napkins and other supplies and to frequent change and wash underwear, not a half months after hip bath, to avoid dirty water into the vagina, causing infection. If premature sexual intercourse after abortion, could easily lead to endometritis, pelvic inflammatory disease, but also secondary infertility. Therefore, the flow is prohibited within one month after sexual intercourse.

3. Observed bleeding. Vaginal bleeding after abortion more than one week, or even accompanied by lower abdominal pain, fever, vaginal discharge muddy smell and other abnormalities, should be reviewed promptly to the hospital for treatment.

4. Adhere to good contraception. Flow after gradual return of ovarian and uterine function and ovarian egg schedule irresolute. If you do not play a good contraceptive. Pregnant again soon. Therefore, the flow of patients, should try to choose a reliable contraceptive, contraception, abortions can only be taken after the failure of a remedy of last resort surgery, must adhere to contraception and abortions can not be used as birth control measures.

Shaanxi and Jiangsu × ×: I am 24 years old, newly married to more than 4 months pregnant. For various reasons, we do not want kids, so I went to the hospital for the abortion. My husband particularly good health, sexuality particularly strong, “flow” after the first 3 days, he wanted the same room with me. But I heard that “flow” immediately after intercourse, the body adversely. I ask the Dr, “abortion” after how long it takes the same room, what are the harmful effects of early intercourse in the end?

Dr Sex: Generally speaking, the “flow” a good physical recovery after surgery should be the same room before, the time is about 30 days. Often the same room will cause a lot of early gynecological diseases, physical health is very harmful. Because the “flow” apparatus for the doctor to scrape the womb of the embryonic tissue from which termination of pregnancy. This artificial curettage, endometrial hurt, female reproductive tract damage to the natural epidemic prevention capacity, the uterus has some damage and stimulating, easy to induce infection. If after a short time in the same room, will increase the chance of infection, causing endometritis, salpingitis, and even induce infertility. Therefore, the “flow” have to wait until after the body is restored to the same room. Ms. Wu, as long as you put this interest to your husband, I believe that your husband will understand. Also need to mention that the “flow” is not contraception, contraceptive failure is a remedy. Repeatedly as a “flow” technique can also lead to ectopic pregnancy, infertility and other serious consequences. Therefore, the sexual life after marriage, should pay attention to contraception, to minimize physical harm.

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