what the safety issues of Physical education should pay attention to ?

2011-01-01 at 09:47 am hugege

Physical exercise in primary and secondary schools is to enhance the importance of physical fitness programs. Physical training content is varied on, so security precautions are also due to the content of training, different equipment used differ.
1. Sprint and other projects carried out in accordance with the provisions of the runway, the runway can not string. This is not just race but also of the security protection. Especially when approaching the end of sprint, but also to follow the rules, because the momentum of the body when a large, energy, concentrated in sports among the unsuspecting thought, once tripped over each other to be seriously injured.
2. Jump must be in strict accordance with the guidance of the teacher approach, take-off. Jump to step in before the front foot from the wooden springboard into the sand trap after take-off. This is not only the technical essentials long jump training is also necessary to protect the physical security measures.
3. Throwing during training, such as investment grenades, shot put, discus, javelin, etc., we, following the teacher’s password, curried, can not have the slightest careless. Some of these hard and heavy sports equipment, and some front-end with sharp metal head, if the unauthorized act, there is likely to hit others or they have been hit, causing injury and even life-threatening.
4. During a single, parallel bars and high jump training, equipment meet the following requirements must be prepared to the thickness of the mat, if the direct jump to the hard ground, will hurt the leg joints or back of the head. To do a single, parallel bars, we should take effective methods to two-hand bar does not spin, to avoid falling off from the bar, so that injury.
5. Doing the vault, vaulting box jumps and other training and equipment before the need springboard, equipment must be protected after the pad, while teachers and students have to stand next to the equipment protection.
6. Before and after the roll, push-ups, sit-ups and other mat sports items, do the movements to be serious, not slapstick, in order to avoid sprains.
7. Participate in basketball, football, training programs, to learn to protect themselves, and do not act recklessly in the struggle and hurt others. In the fierce competition for the movement, consciously abide by the contest rules is very important for safety.

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