The safe use of electricity?

2011-01-01 at 09:42 am hugege

With the continuous improvement of living standards, life in the place more and more electricity. Therefore, we need to have the following basic knowledge of safe use of electricity:
l. To learn more about the power switch, and learn in an emergency shutdown of total power.
2. Do not hand or conductive object (such as wire, nails, pins and other metal products) to contact the internal probe test socket.
3. Wet hands do not touch electrical appliances, electrical appliances do not have a damp cloth.
4. Electrical appliances after use should unplug the power cord; plug Do not pull the power plug pulled wires to prevent wire insulation damage caused by electric shock; wire insulation falling off, to replace them with new line or wrapped with insulating tape.
5. Electric shock to try to find someone turn off the power in a timely manner; or other objects with a dry wooden stick to the electrical shock were separated and charged, not hand to direct rescue; younger students encounter such a situation, should help solve the problem shouting adults Do not deal with their own in order to prevent electric shock.
6. Do not disassemble, install power lines, sockets, plugs and so on. Even simple things such as installing light bulbs, but also turn off the power first, and under the guidance of parents.

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