The safe use of electrical appliances?

2011-01-01 at 09:43 am hugege

Today, television sets, refrigerators, washing machines, electric irons, hair dryers, electric fans and other household appliances more and more into the family. Use of household appliances, in addition to electricity should pay attention to safety issues, but also note the following:
1. Use of different kinds of household appliances, using different methods, some more complicated. Household appliances in general should learn to use under the guidance of parents, the more dangerous electrical appliances are not their own use.
2. Use of electrical appliances are found in smoke, sparkle, char, rather than the smell issue should immediately turn off the power switch, stop using it.
3. Hair dryer, electric cookers, electric irons, electric heaters and other appliances in use, will issue a high fever, should pay attention to them away from paper, cotton and other combustible materials to prevent fire; the same time, used to be taken to avoid burns.
4. To avoid the wet environment (such as the bathroom), the use of electrical appliances, but can not make electrical wet, damp, this will not only damage the appliance, but also a risk of electric shock.
5. By the fan, washing machine drum, etc. dehydration is a high-speed rotation at work and can not touch hands or other items to prevent injuries.
6. Encountered a thunderstorm, to stop using the TV and unplug the outdoor antenna plug, to prevent being struck by lightning.
7. Electric long dormant, easy to damp, damaged by corrosion, re-use the former requires careful examination.
8. When buying appliances, to select qualified and reliable quality products.

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