How to see if it is fresh liver? How to select liver.

2011-01-01 at 09:34 am hugege

Liver rich in nutrition, taste quite good, very popular among food lovers. A pink pig liver, liver surface, Ma liver, liver stones, dead pig liver, pig liver of the sub-irrigation. The first two is superior, the middle two the second, the latter two are inferior.
Powder of liver, liver surface: quality are soft and tender, finger a little harder, can be inserted into incision, after the delicious cooked, tender. Differences, the former color of chicken livers, which red ocher color.
Ma liver: a clear white negative network networks, hand-cut at the touch powder as the liver, liver surface soft and tender, after the quality of cooked and tough, chew.
Stone liver: color dark red, mass ratio of three to both some of the above, efforts are also difficult to insert a little finger, chewing food more when it was rotten.
Died of liver: color purple, cut the blood spills after more than a few students have concentrated blisters. If not the whole, the seller, after excavation, although no traces, but of no cooked flavor, due to hit soup, sauté the heating time is short, hard to kill the bacteria after eating impede health.
Irrigation liver: red ocher color was white, no irrigation of the liver than in full, at the finger pressure goes down, a short recovery, cut at the water spill, after the county poor cooked without heat also with the bacteria, not conducive to health.

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