How to pay attention to fire safety at home?

2011-01-01 at 09:52 am hugege

Fire in the family and often by the careless use of fire caused by improper use of electrical appliances, the students should pay attention to:
l. Use stoves for heating, stoves, should be placed as wooden furniture and other flammable keep a safe distance, in rural areas, will have to stay away from firewood.
2. Baking clothing to be left unattended, can not long leave.
3. Do not store flammable items near the stove.
4. Fire, do not use kerosene, gasoline combustion, to prevent violent burning fire.
5. Not out of the ashes out of, cinder down in a safe place to prevent burns caused by other objects on fire.
6. Use of household appliances to comply with safety requirements, not arbitrary demolition, in order to avoid safety performance degradation, causing a fire.
7. Use of heating appliances (such as iron) to be careful not to ignite flammable materials.
8. Appliances after use or the man left, to be turned off to prevent overheating and electrical hazards.
9. Use of gas appliances to prevent gas leaks, gas source should be closed after use.
10. Use of a gas tank away from the fire source; to regular inspections to ensure gas installations and appliances in good condition.

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