How to ensure the safety of the game?

2011-01-01 at 09:46 am hugege

Students in the game is an important part of life in the game, but also establish the concept of security:
1. Pay attention to choose a safe place. Away from roads, railways, construction sites, factory production area; not to enter the dry well, cellars, air defense facilities; to avoid the transformer, power lines; Do not climb towers, poles, roofs, walls; not near the deep lake ( Lake, river, pit), wells, cesspits, digesters and so on. These places are very vulnerable to danger, the slightest mistake, it will cause casualties.
2. To select the safety of the game to do. Do not risk a strong game, do not imitate the movies, television, the danger of the lens, for example, by picking vehicles, climbing high buildings, such as fights with Daogun, throwing each other with bricks, etc., lit tree waste paper . A great danger of doing so, likely to cause unexpected consequences.
3. Games to choose the right time. Game time can not be too long. So easy to fatigue, the possibility of accidents will be greatly increased. Best not to play at night, dark line of sight is not good, people have reduced ability to respond. Prone to danger.

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